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I am out of order for a long while i guess! its okay if i loose more and more follower , i have to deal with it

and its okay if u stay and wait for me!

I LOVE YOU ALL really , greetings from germany i promise i will come back

GT: Are you ready for our little adventure mr strider?

TT: Sure allways jake. I make you feel like … *wisper*

EB: *gasp* d-dave? nope nope nope oh my god thats-

TG: pssst john shut up and stay fucking quiet bro or u will miss the interesting part
EB: what!?



Bad News


i see that i lost follower again but thats okay
I am sorry that i have to say i am out of order because my computer is dead till saturday

greetings fro a friend who let me at her computer!

pls wait for me i will come back soon

your dear Commentstuck tumblr gurly

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